Imagination becomes reality

Richard Wagner

Imagine to have

a Zoho CRM

expert by your side

Implement ZEI

to suit your

business in

record time

You have the tools...

now what?

Implementing a methodology as well as productive and effective work processes in a business or a team is no easy task if you don't have the experience, the knowledge and in most cases, the time to do it. This could end up frustrating even the most tenacious person or team.

Follow-up individual sessions with your consultant.

At Zenith we are committed to reinvent the methodology for software implementations. Our goal is that your company succeeds in its business processes and for that we have created ZEI.


But we have decided to go beyond and for that we have created the concept of implementing a software planning and a close follow-up.


A consultant will do a close follow-up of the implementation plan, answer your questions, guide you and help you with everything you need for 60 days while implementing ZEI in your company so that you can quickly and successfully accomplish your goals.

Processes are often unique to a business model, how a construction company works is different from a technology company. This is why we will analyze how the communication flows between departments and how is the information managed, we will identify areas of opportunity and determine how to strengthen your company weaknesses by following an action plan with the sole purpose of increasing the efficiency of all processes.

We will audit the health of your processes

Setting objectives:

We propose an implementation plan

Zoho CRM is a product with great possibilities that can be customized to fit your unique business needs.


But without an implementation plan and a professional follow-up, it can be very hard to benefit from it and be productive. We can help you to customize Zoho CRM to fit your needs so you don't get lost in the process and be productive in record time.

You will learn to keep everything under control with a full overview of your business.

Zoho CRM is a tool that will help you keep under control all aspects of your business if used right. Our consultants will help you successfully implement Zoho CRM so you can have an overview of all your business areas.

The result is:

more productivity

Just like a blunt axe requires more effort to cut trees, the same applies to the management tools used in a business.

If all the departments work in sync and adequately use the software, the business productivity will increase.

Plan sessions with

your consultant

So you can better organize your time and obtain more benefit from it and the follow-up sessions, you can schedule them at your convenience. A calendar where you can see the available session times will be available to you.

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