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Companies need experts with workflow management capabilities in their organizations, who have the necessary knowledge to help them achieve growth based on efficiency and appropriate communications between their departments and their customers. Prove that you do have the necessary knowledge to carry such responsibility. Become a Zenith Certified Expert.

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You have a certificate that says you know how to fly a helicopter. Can you really pilot it? Can you fly over a territory in extreme situations? No? You trained on a flight simulator, right? So what is it good for? How does this situation make the training center look? A certification is as valuable and prestigious as the knowledge it possessor can prove. This is why our priority is that the knowledge you acquire while training with us can be applied in real life situations and projects. To ensure this, we make sure you really can do what the certification says you know how to do.

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Certificates endorsed by prestigious companies and universities

Our postgraduate programs and certificates will make you stand out

Students of prestigious universities, leading training centers, International Business Employees among others demonstrate their knowledge endorsed by our certification centers, you can also be one of them by certifying in Zenith.

We have our own certification centers to ensure maximum quality


We validate the employees and candidates knowledge

At the end of each chapter in our CampusZ you will be able to take a knowledge test that allows to verify if the student has correctly understood the topics he/she is studying.

Your employees can be certified on the knowledge they acquire through our eLearning platform.

You know the process, you interview a candidate to occupy a position in your company, but just by reading his/her CV and the relatively short communication established with that person, it is quite difficult to have a clear idea of their knowledge level for the position to occupy. At Zenith we can jointly create with the company, systematic tests that certify the candidates’ knowledge level in a quick and simple way.

Knowledge test

Employees certificates

Knowledge test for candidates


We certificate and validate the students' knowledge


Posgraduate studies

At the end of the online courses or the university courses (in case a previous university degree is not available) a complete examination may be carried out to obtain a knowledge certification from Zenith Business School.

When the students approve our postgraduate University Courses, they are able to obtain, according to the normative of the course, an Official University Postgraduate Degree.

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The exams consist of two parts.



The first part will be a test based on performance and will be carried out in a simulated environment. The examinees will perform a series of tasks in which they must demonstrate their abilities.

The second part will consist of a theory test with different problems.

Paper-based certification exams will annually take place in different cities. Barcelona (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico), San Francisco (USA), London (UK)

San Francisco

México city



Certification possibilities

Online certifications


In your own company

Online mode with security measures and online supervision (regular exams)

Company employees certifications on demand

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