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Zenith is a tool that allows us to understand the potential of CRM solutions and is also in SaaS format. It facilitates the user's understanding of the tool and allows them to advance individually.

The use of the Zenith platform has made it easier for our students to acquire the necessary knowledge to create their own developments in record time.

Ramón Llull University

Esade Business School

José Lluís Cano Giner

Senior Associate Professor, Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

Professional Videos

Experienced Certified Teachers

Jesús Soret

Professor, Design of digital systems

and comunications

ETSE, University of Valencia

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Learn how to make your projects come true from wherever you are

The vast majority of our on-campus courses and live classes are multi-language (ZEI also coming soon) using two of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Because we want our innovative training to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Bilingual live online training

Video Courses in English and Spanish

Support material in both languages

Always updated content

New videos and masterclasses

We Speak English, Hablamos Español

Universities have changed, you will no longer rush to arrive in time to the classroom of your university or training center. In our live classes, including our university postgraduate courses, intensive training courses (ZEI) and courses of CampusZ, you will learn how to implement your Ideas as if you were physically in the classroom with the teacher.

Multi Language Platform

As if you were there

In a world where information technology is moving so fast, it is easy for training content to become out of date quickly, so we have developed a method for all the study material to be up-to-date and easy to review.

You will always learn the latest

Immerse yourself in the first and only online training platform based on ZOHO products

More than 500 videos dedicated to teaching Zoho products. Multi-language platform. All courses are taught in English and Spanish. Courses updated weekly with updates that Zoho applies to their products. Taught by expert Zoho consultants with years of experience.

In our courses you will learn to analyze practical methods of implementation of the concepts shown, you will discover the importance of creating workflows, in our postgraduates you will create real applications for your own company or project. With our courses you will go from theory to action!

Learn to Create

We'll teach you how to implement

and execute your ideas.

Apply what you learned

Create fully functional Viable Minimum Products.

Learn to control the development costs of your project

Implement your ideas in consistent workflows

Learn the What and How

Discover how to analyze the needs of the project or business

Be more productive adapting the software to specific needs

We show you how to ask the right questions

Create structured workflows

Many training companies teach you "functionalities" of the software but do not really help you analyze the needs of your business or how to properly implement the software tools into your workflow.


Zenith as a training arm of SagitaZ, a company with a wide experience in developing and implementing applications in real environments, applies this experience in training courses and postgraduate courses, so you will not only learn "What" the tools do, but how to apply them.

Learn how to develop customized solutions in days and not months



Create your solutions by learning from some of the best developers and teachers in the world. Our courses have been created by implementing years of experience in developing hundreds of projects. Our training courses include projects to be carried out and Master Classes.

Courses, Certificates and Postgraduate courses

Training programs available on our eLearning platform

Training that fits your needs

Our training courses are not only aimed at achieving a "degree" but are designed so that the students are really prepared for the execution of what is learned in real companies and projects. For this we have courses available that cover a wide range of areas and needs.

Zoho Creator

Organize your business in just 10 hours

Zoho CRM

Immediate access to our video courses

Learn ZOHO at your pace

Plans for individual professionals and companies

Sales and Marketing (at 2017)

Finance (at 2017)

Online Campus

Intensive courses

Postgraduate courses


Three acronyms that will change your concept of formation

Perform university studies in a multimedia environment


Training Courses

Lessons structured in a modular way

Professional sound

Updated Content

Attention to detail in all areas

High Definition Videos


Lessons given by certified experts

Our courses have been conceived and created by the product heads of SagitaZ, teachers with a great practical and professional experience contrasted in hundreds of projects.

Created by Professionals

Immediate enrollment

You can register and begin to acquire new knowledge in our Campus and in our intensive courses (ZEI) the same day that we receive the payment.




Big or Small, We can adapt and scalate to all Sizes

Business Flexibility

We base our Zenith eLearning Platform on Google Cloud Platform, which means we are able to scale our resources in a very flexible way, serving and training so many entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, SMEs as well as Large Companies with thousands of employees quickly and efficiently .

We can scale our resources without limits

SaaS Cloud Safe Platform

Fast Implementation

Great scalability

High performance

We offer different ways of interacting with your company or training center, whatever your size and requirements.

Different Training possibilities


Large company



Universities and Training Centers

Integration of training projects

If you already have the training material and / or agenda, we will convert it into a format of learning courses so that your employees can be trained and certified with our eLearning platform in your own company


Joint content creation

We can collaborate in the creation of the training courses integrating knowledge and applying both your experience and our know-how


We take care of your training

You do not have time to train your employees, your focus is on the tasks of your business, trust us to organize the training of your employees and we will create a complete program with which your employees will receive a successful transfer of knowledge.


Learn from us to create a training program for your company

Immerse yourself and learn from the best, expert teachers and developers, participate in our intensive training program in our own facilities where you will receive the necessary knowledge to create your own training platform.


Certificaciones y Posgrados

 Tailored to your business needs

Face-to-face and online training

Tailor-made face-to-face courses

We adapt to your agenda

We use the time to the maximum

Custom support

We will tell you the correct direction

Wherever you are

move faster with our specialists

We improve the productivity of your company

Integrating speed, efficiency and productivity into a training is not easy. But in our case we have been applying it for more than 5 years in our own clients for which we have developed hundreds of projects oriented to solve unique needs which were common but in different ways.


And as a consequence of the demand was born ZENITH. A training system developed by us where we integrate all our experience in business management in recent years and where we manage to condense the training to a level so practical that you can from within hours or weeks completely organize your business flow in your company and achieve that Workers have the necessary knowledge to perform their tasks quickly and effectively.

"Hire the attitude and train the skill"

Atul Gawande

We move to your premises and train your workers in a practical and effective way. We have extensive experience in business training.

Because the problems of your day to day can slow your productivity,  solve them on time is important so you do not have to wait, we have support plans included in our training plans, no matter how big or small your company or project.

We are where you are

We know you will have questions

Special Training for the different areas of your business











Our University Postgraduates are of official validity and are endorsed by the University of Valencia

Official Degrees

Training supported by prestigious institutions

Certification and Recognition


Professional Skills

Improve your opportunities

in the field

Make yourself wanted

Improve your job opportunities with the new skills that will give you our training, allowing you to access new professional areas and broaden your horizons.

You will be appreciated for your new practical knowledge

Improve your working conditions

Broaden your horizons

Complete your curriculum

You will be trained in the most recent and cutting-edge techniques

Conquer the labor market with new "super powers"