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Sales administrative assistant

Information systems



Quality manager

Sales director

Sales representative

Sales clerk


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Sales administrative assistant

Reduce your turnaround times


You will learn:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Where each thing goes
  • How to find information in one place
  • The channels through which you receive the information to be registered

Sebas is responsible of managing all the store products, generating invoices, sales orders and manually filling out the dispatch notes....all this without a proper planning which ends up in having more interaction with clients, vendors and managers than needed. Do you think you have the same problems as Sebas at your office? Solve them!

Information Systems

Automate repetitive processes


Diego works as a system engineer at the company, but he feels powerless because he thinks a lot of processes that are done manually could be simplified. Diego knows that with just a few simple changes, the company's productivity and efficiency could globally increase. Do you also want to simplify your daily processes an increase your

business productivity? Now you have the opportunity!

You will learn:

  • Activity automation to standardize             sales processes
  • How to automatically create and assign tasks
  • Email automation to communicate with customers
  • How to automatically create offers based on information registered in the system.
  • The difference between an entry field and a calculated field
  • Communications through SMS/Mail/Call based on a date



Methodize the sales management process


Lorena has been working as a sales clerk without any kind of training or communication with the rest of the stores from the mobile company. For her, the customers are the ones that walk through the door, and those are the customers she has to sell to, because there is no established method to attract possible customers, convert them, and encourage customer loyalty or follow-up on customers. There is no defined sales method in the store where Susana works or any other, even though this a key element in any business. Is your sales method optimized? Do you want to know how to do it? Do it now!

You will learn:

  • How to close a deal

Sales representative

Sales funnel management


After six months working as a sales clerk, Marta was reassigned as a sales representative of the six stores owned by the company. To her surprise, she now has to work with a customer base worth 50,000 euros per year, without a defined plan. How can Marta manage and register al the business opportunities? What should Marta to accomplish her objectives?

Do you have the same concerns? Solve them!

You will learn:

  • Sales accounts management
  • What is a deal?
  • Deal stages
  • Economic value of a deal
  • Activity management to move forward       with a deal
  • Prioritize deals
  • Deal types



Sales teams collaboration


Manuel has been managing the different company sales teams for two years but no one has taught him how to do so. His every day is a storm of doubts of her workers about the sales orders' status because there is no product or delivery tracking. But it doesn't end there, in addition to sales orders management, he also has to manage his team and there is no defined process to do it. Can you relate to Manuel? Are you in the same situation? Solve your problems now!

You will learn:

  • Collaboration techniques for sales teams
  • Events communication
  • Where to leave notes for co-workers
  • How to avoid sending an email or making      a call
  • How to notify the reception of a message about a customer
  • Jointly create documents
  • Proposal review
  • Standardize offer templates




Andrés is the manager of the 6 stores owned by the company, along with another colleague. But as a manager he doesn't know what is happening in the stores, nor does he know what every employee does, nor the market tendencies, nor where the money comes from... And of course, without all this information, he cannot make decisions to help the business grow. Can you relate to Andrés¿ Are you in the same situation? Solve it now!

You will learn:

  • Create dashboards and reports for    decision-making
  • Different graph types for decision-making
  • How to create cross-tab reports
  • Automatically send reports to department managers


Define the target of marketing campaigns


After 4 years of working for the company, Jorge has been appointed Marketing manager. But even though Jorge has marketing studies, he feels insecure because he doesn't know what he is supposed to do. Management has asked him to be the marketing responsible but they haven't set the objectives, nor the target, nor the market positioning, nor the investment....what is Jorge supposed to do? Email marketing campaigns? Social marketing? Product or customer marketing? Do you also want to know all that marketing has to offer?

Contact us!

You will learn:

  • Sales techniques for sales campaigns
  • What is a sales campaign
  • Customer base segmentation
  • Analysis of the campaign status, costs, benefits, etc.


Sales and

expenses forecasts


How do you know how much will the company sell this month? How can you create monthly forecasts? This are just some of the questions that the manager’s nephew asked to Rosa, the company accountant, as soon as she got to the office. She has always worked with Excel sheets but is this effective enough? If you ask yourself the same, find some answers!

You will learn:

     -  Cash forecast

     - Quotes' approval

     - Inventory management

     - Quotes/invoices creation


Quality Manager




Sofia holds a degree in veterinary science, and works in the office where the 6 stores are managed. Recently she has been appointed Quality Manger because they needed to fill the position in order to obtain authorization to distribute mobiles, but this is only one of the 20 responsibilities that Sofia has and as a result she doesn't know how to manage each case, nor where the information is, nor where to register it. Can you relate to Sofia?

Do you want to know how to manage each company case?

You will learn:

  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Cases management
  • Quality control
  • Service quality
  • Work quality
  • Data quality

Freelance sales representative

Company data protection


Valeria is reconsidering working as a freelance sales re for the company due to all the communication and information management problems, which results in a loss of time and money for her. This is why these 3 years of working for the company seem to be coming an end. Do you feel like the same situation is happening in your company?

Do you know how to manage and protect your information?

You will learn:

  • Create dashboards and reports for  decision-making
  • Different graph types for decision-making
  • How to create cross-tab reports
  • Automatically send reports to department managers.