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How much is your time worth? How long can your business wait to be profitable? How many customers and business opportunities are lost due to lack of organization? At Zenith we understand you because every day we talk to dozens of companies and customers going through the same situation you are. They implemented Zoho CRM and have been using

it for a long time but still they don't seem to

be productive.


Because of that, we focus on a quick and immediate implementation of the tools you have acquired or plan to acquire. In just 10 hours you will obtain a 360 degree vision of how Zoho CRM can help you to be more productive.

Zoho CRM Enterprise training license

(Valued in 50€)

Don't have Zoho CRM yet? No worries. ZEI includes the latest Zoho CRM Enterprise license, which is valid for the course duration and can be extended for 2 more weeks.

Professional teaching staff with real life experience

At Zenith we do not start from scratch, we are the formative right hand of SagitaZ, Zoho Premium Partner. Teaching staff with experience in real implementation projects.

CampusZ 60-day access

(Valued in 99€)

ZEI includes unlimited access to our e-learning platform. You will be able to access more than 15 hours of training for the new Zoho CRM 2016. This course comprises more than 200 video tutorials (all videos are available in English and Spanish). This videos have been jointly created by Zenith and SagitaZ, a company with more than 6 years of experience that has successfully implemented Zoho CRM in hundreds of projects.

You'll never walk alone!

60-day Professional Training Support

(Valued in 200€)

We walk by your side, we feel your pain, and we really want you to implement what you learn with us. We know that you will

have questions and doubts throughout and after the course

and because of that, we will walk you through the whole implementation process of the methods that you will learn

with us. Our staff will receive and answer your questions.

Live streaming...

Yes, ZEI is an implementation system that has a life of its own

and it focuses on your business growth. We don't share a video

so you just press play, our classes are live. In each 1-hour

session there will always be two instructors. One of them will

be the leading instructor who will teach the class and

the second instructor will attend all your questions via chat during the session.

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Wait, what an awful word, right? Your business can´t wait, your customers can't wait, your life can't wait and we don't want you to wait. That is why we provide immediate access to ZEI once you enroll. If you decide to effectively implement Zoho in your company, we will be right there with you today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and....to infinity and beyond.

I know one thing:

That I know nothing.

Questions are welcome.

If Socrates attended our ZEI classes, he surely would be happy. Here you will start at one level and climb up to a higher level of knowledge which will help you be more productive than at the beginning. You set the limits, it all depends on tour eagerness to improve your Business with Zoho CRM and the support of our teaching staff. But remember, if you don't understand something or you have doubts, ask! We’ll be happy to help you, what we really want is that you take the most out of this great opportunity for you and your business.

You'll be up to date with

Zoho CRM 2016

You will not only increase your business productivity but you will also learn how to do it with the latest version of Zoho CRM that was officially released by Zoho in June 2016.


Zenith and SagitaZ as a Zoho Premium Partner have actively collaborated in the new CRM development. When Zoho announced the new CRM 2016, Zenith already had developed a complete course with more than 200 video tutorials for the new Zoho CRM version. The videos are available in English and Spanish on their new e-learning platform: CampusZ.

ZEI Goodies


No extra cost

At Zenith we have thought about how to make you more productive [the word "productivity" is probably one of the most used words at our offices] without having to pay more.


Remember, ZEI goes beyond just learning how to use CRM. It is a method based on years of experience of our customers and our own company to help you be more productive using Zoho CRM. To accomplish this, we have included some goodies for you:



Starting is always hard and if you don't have the basics it only gets harder. The more information you have about Zoho CRM the more benefit you can obtain from it. Entity Relationship Diagrams of how Zoho CRM works will be available for you.


A list of all the fields and field types per module (Which are the default Zoho CRM fields and their type).


A list of all the countries, districts by country, business sectors and sub-sectors, world currencies, world time zones, verified integrations with Zoho CRM, APIs, invoice and email templates, etc.

Preloaded and preconfigured CRM

When you buy Zoho CRM, you have tons of work ahead of you: create fields, do the setup and define parameters, for example, your business model, time zone, etc. At Zenith we aim to help you save time and work so you can take the most out of this journey to increase your business productivity. To do that we offer you the possibility to clone your actual Zoho CRM and add a whole package of new fields and functions.

Ready-to-go project

in Zoho Projects

Being productive requires to plan and structure all the tasks to be done. It also involves planning campaigns, structuring reports, creating forecasts, planning meetings, etc.


The implementation of the ZEI method in your business requires, in most cases, deep changes to be made by stages. To facilitate your planning we will include in Zoho Projects a project with all the task you should complete.